5 Ways To Boost Your Business This Easter: Quick Quiz

Author - Tom Whitworth

5 Ways To Boost Your Business This Easter: Quick Quiz

How can your business benefit from the Easter season?

Simple. Answer these 5 questions.

1.  What Does Easter Mean For Our Customers?

Tap In To Your Customers' Priorities

To get you started, here are the 5 main things customers want from the Easter break.

- Relaxation and leisure activities

- Family gatherings

- Gifts and treats

- Home and garden tasks

- Extra free time


2. Which Of These Customer Priorities Is Our Perfect Match?

Find The Best Fit For Your Business

It's pretty easy to answer if you make chocolate, or if you're a travel agent. But with a little creativity any business will definitely be able to appeal to one or more of the top five priorities.


3. How Can We Get Into The Spirit Of The Season?

Give Your Business Offerings, Goods Or Services An Easter Theme

You might want to give the overused 'Hop In For An Egg-cellent deal' a miss, but your customers will be open and more easily drawn to seasonal messages and themed promotions.

Use the traditional symbols if you like, but try to step outside the predictable.

Easter eggs and rabbits are perennial, but the Easter Bilby works too, because it's different – and distinctively Australian. What creative Easter twist can you give to your promotions?


4. How Can We Add Value For Our Customers?

Mark The Season With Offers and Bonuses

  •  - Make a 'two for one' or a simple 'gift with purchase' offer.
  •  - Set up an Easter Egg hunt to encourage customers to seek out discounts and promotions in your catalogue, your website, or even on your shelves and displays in-store.
  • - Attach an Easter related code word to your communications. You can offer a bonus or discount to customers who quote it in their purchases or orders.

Make the most of your online presence to promote what you are doing.


5. How Can We Improve?

 Use This Year's Experience To Plan Ahead

The best small businesses use all available data to make constant improvements.

- Does your business use different channels for marketing? Do some split testing with various segments of your target customers, and record the outcomes.

  • - Look at what worked for you, and for your competitors, this year. Learn from it, and adapt the best ideas to make them work even better.
  •  - Examine all the results, and determine your strategy for next year.

Done? Good. Now put on your bunny ears, and have a Happy Easter!