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Our vision is to help small businesses grow to their potential. We do this with Innovative Business Finance and Smart Cash Flow Management Software.

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FINSTRO are business finance professionals and software nerds.
we ARE passionate about small business's reaching their full potential, and strong cash flow and access to working capital is an important part of any business's growth..

We built Finstro to help australian smALL-MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES realise that potential.

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Bank tech for Small Business

Founded in 2017, Finstro was built to provide the same level of debtor management, credit management and growth finance that banks and fintechs have been building and providing to large companies for years.

When a business is freed from the constraints of cash flow and time, it can grow to its true potential.

With the launch of our innovative cash flow management software, and our flexible business finance options, Finstro has become the leading partner of choice for many Australian businesses who are looking to take control of their business's future.

Whether you want to simply use Finstro's software to create a cash flow management plan, to develop cash flow forecasts, or syncing your cloud accounting data to provide real-time insights into your business's cash flow health, the options are yours. 

Finstro's Flexible Business Cash Flow Finance, also available to access via the Finstro Portal allows you to finance your invoices to free up working capital in your business.

Finstro's Invoice Finance and Working Capital solutions is available to eligible Small to Medium Businesses, and is an "on-demand" facility - meaning it's there for you when you need it, and you only pay for what you use - simple!

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