How to Use Debt to Your Advantage

It’s an old adage that you need money to make money. In other words, you need money to invest in order to grow your wealth. Unless you inherit a fortune at a young age, this ...
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Why Cashflow is King

Why Cashflow is King You can call cashflow king. Or you can call cashflow queen, if you favour equality (and don’t we all). Whatever title you prefer there’s no doubt that, ...
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How To Build Credit For Your New Business

Starting a new business? Here at Finstro, we’re ready to help you with a suite of valuable resources that act to help support you in managing your cashflow – saving you more ...
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How to Transform Your Budget with Cashflow Solutions

Ever wished you had a magic wand to wave over your accounts and create consistent and steadily growing cashflow? A quick trip to Diagon Alley to purchase such a wand may be ...
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How to Forecast Your Business Cashflow

Wouldn’t we all love a crystal ball we could look into to predict the future of our business? We would know exactly when Debtor X will pay his outstanding invoice, which item ...
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Top Xero Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Cashflow solutions are of paramount importance to the financial health of every business. Yours, of course, most of all. If you’re using Xero for your cloud accounting you’ve ...
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