Finstro – Sydney’s 2019 Outstanding Employer of Choice

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Finstro – Sydney’s 2019 Outstanding Employer of Choice

Finstro named Sydney's Employer of Choice at 2019 NSW Business Chamber Awards

Finstro’s vision to be a workplace of engaged, passionate and dedicated employees has been recognised at the 2019 NSW Business Chamber Awards, as the company takes home ‘Sydney’s Employer of Choice’ award.

The fast-growing company’s success is due to its team of gritty, innovative and challenge seeking staff said Finstro Chief Operating Officer Tom Whitworth.

“Finstro’s unique approach to learning and development means each employee can access a $3000 training fund every year, that can be used for any course of interest to them, whether it relates to their role at Finstro or not,” Mr Whitworth said.

“When staff are learning new skills, especially when they have no relation to their current role, their minds are more engaged and their thinking expands beyond their traditional domain of expertise. This is more often than not where our best ideas come from.

“By showing we are willing to invest in staff without a direct benefit to the company’s bottom line, they invest back in their career at Finstro 10 times over,” he said.

In 2015, the staff of Finstro created a strategic plan that included becoming an employer of choice as a major goal. Since then they have been on a mission to build a high achieving, dedicated team. After two years of hard work and more than doubling their team size, they can tick another goal off their list.

“We look for people who are passionate, curious, optimistic and fun. We want to work with, and among people who invite challenge and challenging ideas, who relish taking ownership and working collaboratively towards our shared mission,” Mr Whitworth said.

Finstro thanks the NSW Business Chamber and the City of Sydney, and Lord Mayor Clover Moore for not only the honour of winning the award, but also for recognising the work that they do at Finstro in creating a harmonious, progressive, team-oriented workplace, with a common focus on delivering outstanding outcomes to Australian SMEs.


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Kieran Somasunderam, Finstro's Senior Credit Analyst accepting the award on behalf of the team.


(L-R) Connie H - Creative & Graphic Designer, Devyn G - Business Development, Kieran S - Senior Credit Analyst, Nick S - Sales Manager, Matt W - Business Analyst, Shri B - Corporate Finance Analyst, Michael I - Portfolio Manager, Jo P - Legal Support,  Kevin W - Corporate Accountant, Brad Prout - Chief Executive Officer