How it works

Sync your Cloud Accounting

Create a free trial account in less than 30 seconds. Enter your email, choose a password and select your accounting app.

Finstro will Sync your cloud accounting and Import your data, and you’ll start getting insights and alerts immediately.

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Pay + Clear Invoices

Select an invoice to clear and get paid on the invoice right away.

Finstro can pay your supplier invoices, allowing you to pay in weekly instalments. Invest in more stock, upgrading your space and never be chased by a supplier again. Pay every time, on time with Finstro.

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Draw Cash

Simply tell us what repayment amounts and frequencies work best for your business, then draw cash. Your repayments don’t increase or change when you draw down more cash and you can change your repayment settings at anytime.

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Credit check

Run Credit Checks

Know your customer before you let them walk away with your products and hard work.

Run a credit check on new customers in seconds, and be sure you’ll get paid for the work you do, before you do it.

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Add Customers to your Watchlist

Instantly add your larger or worrisome customers to the watchlist, and get alerts sent straight to your mobile if there’s any change in their credit profile.

Be the first to know if there’s any reason your customer won’t pay, so you can take action fast and avoid bad debts hurting your cash flow.

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Screen showing Finstro Payment reminders

Send Payment Reminders

Finstro keeps track of what’s owed to you, and automatically reminds customers of payments.

Choose which reminder type to give your customer – professional, friendly, firm or totally customized – and let Finstro save you time and help you get paid faster.

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Automatic Payments

Automate your customer payments to take control of when you get paid.

With Finstro you can create payment schedules for your customers and automate the collection of your payments.

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Automatic payments