Automatic Payments

Save time. Save money. Switch on simple and flexible automated payments

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Take control of your Customer payments

Automate your customer payments to take control of when you get paid.

With Finstro you can create payment schedules for your customers and automate the collection of your payments.

Collect direct debit or credit card payments easily and automatically through Finstro.

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Completely flexible payment Scheduling

At Finstro we understand each business is different, and customer payment terms often aren’t even or regular.

With Finstro you can create completely customizable automated payment schedules. Any number of payments, any amount per payment, on any date.

Take deposits, irregular instalment payments, or one off payments – simply, easily and automatically.

Simplify managing your Business and Accounts

Automating your customer payments can reduce collection expenses, speed up you cash flow and streamline your business back office.

Easy, simple access to the information you need on all your customer payments, at your finger tips. Automated payments make reconciling accounts fast and easy.

Have your customers agree to automated payments so you can save time on receivables admin, and focus on running your business.

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