Pay + Clear Invoices

Get paid now. Always pay on time.

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Seamlessly select invoices and get paid right away. No paper work, no hassle.


Facilities that grow with your business. Only fund what you need, when you need it.


Simple fee structure. No hidden fees and no penalties for early payment.


Your brand on all communication, not ours. Look professional and tech savvy.

Get paid on your invoices today

Cash is the life blood of your business.

Don’t rely on slow paying customers for the health of your business. Take control and get paid right away on outstanding invoices.

With no hidden and no early payout fees, you simply pay when your customer pays.

A simple way to take control of your cash flow and your business.

Payment Reminder Software

Clear Invoices – How it Works


Select which Invoice you want to clear. An email from you and with your Brand is sent to your customer.


80% of Invoice advanced to you instantly.


Repay when you customer pays you.

payment reminder software

Stop getting chased by suppliers - Always pay on time

Want to purchase more stock, upgrade your space or take advantage of supplier discounts to grow your business?

Click and pay your outstanding supplier invoices, allowing you to pay in flexible instalments. No matter what your cashflow this month, your suppliers are taken care of.

Negotiate discount terms with suppliers and record them in Finstro. Finstro will alert you to potential discounts so you can take advantage.

Save money, grow faster, and never be chased again with Finstro.

Pay Invoices – How it Works


Select the supplier’s Invoice you want to pay.


Your supplier is paid in full on the date you choose.


Repay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.


When you want to clear or pay an invoice, we calculate a small fee on top of the invoice value.

For a $1,000 Invoice, this will be a s little as $6.20 a week.

If you pay us back early, we waive all remaining fees. No penalty for early payment. No hidden fees.

Payments are automatically debited from your account and you will always know the fees before you commit to anything.