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Get paid fast and keep your receivables in check automatically

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Automated Payment Reminders

Finstro keeps track of what’s owed to you, and automatically reminds your customers to pay.

Let Finstro chase late paying customers, so you can do more of what you love.

Payment reminders
Activity screen

Finstro is in Sync with your business

With real time syncing to your cloud accounting, Finstro stays on top of your accounts receivables for you, automatically.

All you need to do is rec your bank account, and Finstro will import the data automatically, so you’re always on top of who’s paid and who hasn’t.

Customize your reminders to show the details you want.

Tailor frequency and tone of your reminders – Professional, friendly or firm – to your individual customers. Get paid faster and increase customer loyalty.

Payment reminder screen
Payment reminders

Advanced Payment Systems

Add your own, branded payment gateway to your reminders.

The payment gateway will have your brand and allow you to accept payments online, instantly. Use the same technology as large companies, so you look professional and get paid faster.