Watchlist and Alerts

Get paid with confidence and protect your business from bad debts

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Monitor your customers for payment risk

Finstro tracks the credit risk of your customers and suppliers for you, letting you know immediately if something important changes.

Effortlessly stay on top of your customer’s payment risk, avoiding bad debts and securing your cashflow.

Online Credit Checks
Online Credit Checks

24/7 Monitoring

Finstro’s watchlist will monitor your customers 24/7.

If something happens that could affect you getting paid, Finstro will text the alert direct to your mobile and send an email alert.

With Finstro you can act fast, to mitigate losses and secure your business.

What do we track?

  • Court Judgements
  • Payment Defaults
  • Insolvency Notices
  • Administrator or Liquidator appointments
  • ABN/ACN updates
  • Directors or Officers change
  • Address Updates
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